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Frequently Asked Questions.
Device Compatibility

This UNREAL Mobile starter-kit is compatible with nearly any AT&T, T-Mobile or GSM unlocked phone.

Even though our SIM kits are compatible with a wide variety of devices, some exclusions do apply. These include:

Locked Tracfone devices

Boost/Virgin Mobile Branded devices

Devices reported lost or stolen

Devices reported for fraud

Devices that are under an existing contract with another carrier, or blocked for use with a new carrier due to an outstanding balance.


Double the network options at the best price for your budget. View coverage options!

Yes, your plan includes free international calling worldwide, including unlimited calling to over 80 countries.

Yes! UNREAL Mobile offers free global texting with all plans.


Want to bring your pre-existing number over to UNREAL Mobile? Not a problem! However, we have a small number of requirements that need to be met, so please make sure you can meet the following criteria:

You can bring your number over to UNREAL Mobile from all the US carriers and mobile operators including but not limited to Boost Mobile, Page Plus, Virgin Mobile, and more.

Keep updated on the status of bringing your phone number to UNREAL Mobile by creating an account here at unrealmobile.com/login. This will allow you to see when your phone number has been successfully ported into UNREAL Mobile.

It is important to be 100% accurate with your porting information. If incorrect information is provided, it can result in serious delays with your transfer. In some cases, delays may also be on behalf of your previous wireless service provider, as factors on their end can cause them to be slow in releasing your number.